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I thought you were an adult.” But then things take a turn for the worse as Spiner begins to address the nature of Star Trek in general. It’s like that illusion that it is somehow all about peace. The positive thing about it is just that it depicts a future, and that is somehow reassuring, that there is going to be a future.

Addressing the idea that Star Trek has a grander purpose than just mindless entertainment he says… You know, if you ask somebody, why has Star Trek lasted so long, they always say the same thing: because it has a positive vision of the future. I don’t think it necessarily depicts a future that’s better or worse than where we live right now. I see where he’s coming from, but as someone who’s spent so much of his life involved in that world, you’d hope and expect he’d see the grander things that we all see in it too. Spiner sounds a little like a guy who’s trying to upbeat, but is also sick to death of Star Trek.

He tries to be good natured about it, but there’s a twinge of bitterness there and frankly, I can’t blame him. When I met William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy for the first time, I didn’t talk to them like they were Spock and Kirk, I didn’t think they were.

I kind of got the idea they were actors who were playing those parts. Even to this day, if I write something on Twitter that is so counter to what Data would have been, if it’s ironic or if it’s sarcastic, whatever, the things that I am, people think: “Oh man, I don’t really like you.

Chris Obi will play T’Kuvma, a Klingon leader set on uniting the Klingon houses.

Shazad Latif will play his protégé, Commanding Officer Kol.

Somehow, I just loved transforming myself into this other character. To be myself, like if we had to speech arts in school and stand in front of the class, I went red. And then one day, I decided to grow my hair back normal and I phoned my agent, and the first thing I got was a TV series. As we talked last night, if you get involved in psychology, hey! That’s the reason why they would get their tax breaks for working up there. That’s why I end up working in a lot of shows up in Canada. But what was great about this show is that it was one more coming into the family. They’re all such pros, so it was a thrill to work with such great character actors, veteran actors, you know?

At that point, I was turning 18 and I was making really good money and I was on a very big TV show in Canada, and I thought, “I guess this is what I do! I seem to be good at it, so I guess this is what I do.”Char: Yeah, why not, right? I didn’t go to university, and I still kind of kick myself for that. But it just so happened that a lot of sci-fi was filming there. They [the cast] have all known each other forever, and they were excited to have some fresh blood.

You know, you’re not like I thought you were either! But it does have elements that are nice, like the fact that all people are celebrated for who they are, their differences rather than their similarities, and I think that’s a very positive thing.Nd B: I don’t think that I really thought that I was gonna do it as a career when I was young. It says this in a lot of my bios, but I was a really shy little girl. I still did that because we did the classics and I could wear wigs. You want to be able to put yourself out on a sleeve and have no shame — just get it all out. You haven’t learned through society to hide stuff, hide stuff, hide stuff. When I worked on with Anthony Michael Hall, he was a child actor, and I kind of felt that from him, too. Char: One thing that I’ve noticed in your filmography is that you’ve done lots of sci-fi. Is this something you just fell into or was it because of an interest in sci-fi? I mean, I’ve never been at a level — Only the biggest actors get to pick and choose what they want. Did you feel like Ezri did, where she’s in the midst of this thing that’s been going on for awhile? It was great because they had little introduction scenes for me with everybody because they’re re-meeting me again. It was my way of having a scene with Armin [Shimerman], and then a scene with Michael Dorn, so it was a great way to ease into it. I got the part so quickly and then I was suddenly in L. and suddenly filming, so I didn’t really have too much time to think about it, which is good because I probably would have been more freaked out and realized the magnitude of the fandom. It sounds like you’d be pretty game to do that at some point. Char: It would be fun if we could see where they are now and update us somehow on what’s happened with these characters since we left them. I think there’s something about that recycled air that gets me going. And then when I was nine, we did this play, , at school, and I just stunned my family by coming home with the part of Dorothy. So I kept up my theatre, but I didn’t call my agent for a couple of years. The rest of us are out there auditioning and hoping. The great thing about being an actor in Toronto, where I grew up, is that a lot of American shows film there, but they need to hire Canadians for most of the parts. Char: So you weren’t entirely aware of that when you busted into it? On my first day on set, I showed up and there were two garbage bags full of fan mail, and I hadn’t even shot anything yet. Char: Let’s shift gears a little bit and talk about the [ novels. [Laughter] Honestly, I think there’s something in that airplane air! Nd B: But I can’t be buying myself tickets everywhere just to get my writer on. Nd B: But that’s what I’m looking at, because you can’t just sit around waiting for the phone to ring. This is what I’m going to do.”Char: So it didn’t really hit you right away? [Laughter]Char: But you know what’s great is you can always go back to school. And also, I guess, once you do a few, then the producers from some shows who are fans of other shows know that you were in that show, and they know that the fans will know. Nd B: No, because I was still going to school and getting really good marks and I wanted to be a lawyer. Nd B: But then one day I just kind of went, “Wait a minute.

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