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The clothes and accessories were very difficult to find, as only a few minor department stores, which were not found in major cities, carried Claiborne clothes.Gottschalks carried only a few pieces before declaring bankruptcy and liquidating, only weeks after Mizrahi's launch.Sales volume tripled over five years to over 0 million and introduced the designer to mainstream America.The line was discontinued in 2008 as Mizrahi left for Liz Claiborne.

At 15, he launched his own label, IS New York, with the help of a family friend.singer is currently wrapped up in a couple lawsuits over allegations that he exposed sexual partners to genital herpes.One of the legal cases is taking place in Georgia as that's where complainant Laura Helm has filed her claim.When asked if she has video of her and the Additionally, Sharpton and lawyer Lisa Bloom want to subpoena hotel surveillance footage which allegedly shows the now-38-year-old entering her room. One of the singer's herpes accusers, referred to just as Jane Doe, is suspicious that the 38-year-old is fraudulently transferring all of his assets in order to protect his wealth if he were to lose the million lawsuit. Now, this is definitely not confirmed, but reports Doe's lawyer Lisa West seems skeptical because Usher's camp delayed the discovery process in the lawsuit by 90 days, which could potentially give him some time to disperse his money.As we reported, a former employee at the Days Inn in Atlantic City is corroborating the complainant's story. We'll keep you updated as more details become available.

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