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I saw several emotions pass across her face: shock, confusion, profound disappointment, then her dawning realization that how she responded to this present — this idiotic present — might well determine the fate of our relationship. (And, yes, we still have the balls, and the pleather bags, and we bowl about as much as we did in the first three months of our relationship, which was almost never.) In fact, it could be argued that the success of our marriage owes, in part, to that very moment.She looked down, collected her thoughts, and raised her eyes to mine. Because on that day (and many, many days thereafter) my wife made a conscious choice: to see my hapless effort at romance not as a personal affront but as a love note written by a man in his own foreign language."Men do affection in ways that are not easily recognizable to women," explains couples coach Warren Farrell, Ph. "The fundamental difference is that men tend to do, and women tend to talk — and much gets lost in translation.

If you can learn to read the signals he's trying to send, however, he's going to feel like his method of loving is being appreciated. And then he'll be more open to hearing something else — like how he could be even better." The point is, once you recognize your guy's less-than-smooth gestures as the clumsy signs of affection they are, you'll probably realize that he is grateful for you in more ways than you ever knew.

Regardless, while familiarity may breed many things, romance is clearly not one of them.

Daylle Deanna Schwartz, a couples counselor and author of All Men Are Jerks – Until Proven Otherwise, knows the pattern well.

The Mating Game To quote Cool Hand Luke (it's a guy thing), "What we got here is...

failure to communicate" — a disconnect sown by the fact that men start lying from the moment we meet you. It's more like acting, or attempting to play the part of someone you might actually want to sleep with.) "A man is playing a role in the beginning of the relationship; so is the woman," Farrell says.

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Deep down we might appreciate a less-than-perfect gift, but still, we're thinking, How am I going to explain this bowling ball to my girlfriends when they ask what he gave me for my birthday? Perhaps the most controversial of all man gestures, the giving of lingerie is an enigma wrapped inside — well, not a lot of fabric.

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