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She explains “Well my dad’s Renault 4 car is being used in the film – it’s the car Amy drives across the country to find her father.The film-makers spotted it on Facebook and got in touch.Sian Brennan from Balbriggan had to convince her boss to give her the day off, Dundrum’s Colm O’Brien tested the water beforehand and reassures me that the temperature is fine, and members of the Irish Naturist Association say that this will be a ‘liberating’ experience.As I grow a little more conscious of the growing crowds I can hear Jermaine Stewart’s 80’s classic ‘We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (To Have A Good Time)’ ringing in my ears.Taking part in this nude challenge is something to tell my grandchildren.” The extras on set raised over €2,000 for the Motor Neuron Disease Association before taking part.

For a couple of minutes we jump around in collective euphoria, no notice taken of the chilly water temperature - 100 naked souls as one. 'It was at the height of the Celtic Tiger and everyone was spending, me included. I was driving around in a stupid big SUV, with a...They are also barred from having cheese, eggs, beans and tofu.For most people, that would seem like the ultimate deprivation. Áilín Quinlan This time last year, pensioners Joe and Mary Bonallie were in severe pain - Joe, who has osteoarthritis, needed a hip replacement, while his wife Mary was in agony from carpal tunnel syndrome in her...Mark (26) and Peter Lavery (19) have never knowingly eaten meat, chicken or fish.

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The relentless drizzle fails to dampen the spirits of those who’ve decided to take the naked plunge – all with their own personal reasons for participating.

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