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No one saw it coming, no one knew what was happening.The last thing he said to his girlfriend was that he was going to go home and blow his head off. "DO IT, I don't give a f*ck"So no, I wouldn't let my child date someone who was suicidal, and those stories are my reasoning behind it. Dating as a teenager can be an emotional roller coaster as is, throw in someone who is emotionally unstable and it could cause a lot of issues for the other teen in the relationship.Unfortunately, at that age, it's pretty difficult to forbid them from seeing someone.My mom tried it with me, and it blew up in her face.

I'm watching the THS on Heidi Klum and how she started dating Seal while she was 5 months pregnant. I feel the exact same way about men dating while another woman is carrying their child.The most you can do is talk to them about mental illness and hope that they make a healthy choice on their own.It recently happened to a family my husband was close with, but the guy was close to my parents age. Even though the woman is close to my moms age, I told her that if she needed to talk that she could talk to me.I'm sorry to hear about your brother, what a tragedy.I can see where the fear lies, and I don't think it's unfounded.

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