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As you read above, the halo effect can influence how teachers treat students, but it can also impact how students perceive teachers.

In one study, researchers found that when an instructor was viewed as warm and friendly, students also rated him as more attractive, appealing, and likable.

These characteristics included such things as leadership, physical appearance, intelligence, loyalty, and dependability.Marketers take advantage of the halo effect to sell products and services.When a celebrity spokesperson endorses a particular item, our positive evaluations of that individual can spread to our perceptions of the product itself.For evidence of this, simply press the graphical switch button and stare in awe at what we used to consider “state of the art." All of the game's atmospheres benefit from a bump up to 1920x1080 resolution, even while playing in the original GFX mode, but even more so from the doubling of the framerate from 30fps to a steady 60fps.First person shooters are some of the most sensitive to frame rate drops or fluctuations and the increase to a locked sixty takes effect on every area of the game's play, from getting that beat down on the unfortunate soul sneaking up behind you, to wondrously smooth vistas and scenery as you fly through the campaign on a Warthog.

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