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When he finds out he is a wizard he tries to apply scientific principles to his study of magic.I'm sorry, but I can't contain my excitement for HP7 Part 2.

Then there are the many websites solely devoted to Harry Potter fanfiction.So, of course, I wrote my friend an epic Twitter essay explaining why: Okay, so…I’ve seen this in a couple of places now, and here’s my concern with it: I grok the need for language besides “poly” to describe multi-partner relationships.“Poly” describes a very specific style of negotiated non-monogamy, has a lot of cultural baggage, and isn’t for everybody. It also describes a specific philosophy of intimacy.He happens to stumble upon a chat room and meets another boy with a similar problem. Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID: 48 Whois Server: com Referral URL: Name Server: DNS1.

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But her main point with this piece seems to be that “many previously self-defined ‘polyamorous’ folk like me, are adopting the term ‘relationship anarchist’ instead” because the media has tainted the term “polyamory” with objectification, slut-shaming, drama, and a salacious hyperfocus on sexuality that doesn’t jive with most peoples’ actual relationship experiences. I seen a lot of people in polyamorous communities describing themselves as “relationship anarchists” lately because they don’t like what “polyamory” implies. We need evolving language and, hell, “relationship anarchy” sounds cool.

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