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Huron was the home of now-defunct Huron University (known in its later years as Si Tanka University).The Huron Plainsman, also referred to as the Plainsman, is the newspaper. Huron has been assigned the ZIP codes 5739 and the FIPS place code 31060.All general studies courses will be offered through Northern State University at a cost of only per credit hour.

The Airport has been completely updated over the last decade with new pavements and upgraded carrying capacities.Parking at the terminal is always free, for long term parking please use the back row of the lot.The terminal is open one and one half hours before the morning flight and it is suggested that travelers arrive at least one hour prior to their scheduled flight time.The same classes and program costs 4.85 per credit hour at the other South Dakota public universities, and much more at private universities.The Huron program offers a minimum savings of over ,000 on tuition (75% discount).

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