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If you and your partner travel well together, this is an ideal situation.

If you do not, it could be extremely stressful on your relationship.

The One That You Stop Traveling For This is the fairy tale situation.

You leave home to travel and end up meeting your Prince Charming 2000 miles away. On the bright side: You have a positive long term relationship/marriage. Because of traveling, you found your soul mate and could not be happier.

The bad part is that is never is as easy as it seems.

For starters, fundamentally there is likely a reason why you do not want to commit to this person, so why are you with them?

Figure out how and when you are going to communication (texts, calls, skype) and when you are going to visit each other while on assignment.

Traveling with Your Partner I think the ultimate travelers dream is to find a partner that can travel along side of you.

Holidays tend to be the worse, but even random strangers and patients have told me similar things when they found out what I did for work.Being a traveler it is not as simple as meeting somebody and saying “let’s be together”. I need to be with somebody who appreciates that and does not try to change me.Through years of traveling I have found that many men I meet want me to stay in one place if I chose to be with them.I also found that many people refuse to date travelers because they want to start a relationship with somebody who is stable in one location. That is why I am always upfront in telling potential partners about myself and my job and I do not try to hide anything.The more I traveled, the more I realized what I wanted in a relationship and what were my deal breakers.

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