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Alex and Ellen and Toby [Kebell], they work so hard. Tell us in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter. It’s filmmaking collaboration between besties Angelo Balassone, Michael Fails and Kat Tadesco, self-described lace-front addicts with great legs who write, direct, design and produce video sketches and cinematic shorts that are so surreally hilarious that they defy categorization.

They have done so much preparation, it’s like we all come to work every day and you feel everyone’s devotion to the material,” Marling said. One such short film, Celebrity All-Star, is the newest addition to IFC’s Comedy Crib.

Marling occasionally acts in projects that she hasn’t developed — check out the Civil War home invasion thriller for one particularly good example — but mostly they do their own thing.

And despite the fact that their movies tend to stay well below the radar, safe from breaking out into the mainstream, theirs are come of the most interesting indie movies to have emerged in the past five years.

Within the box of that mystery, then, is the question of what happened to her while she was gone, how can she see now, why does she call herself “The OA,” and why has she gathered a group of five misfits together to form a storytelling coven in an abandoned housing development?

The series is filmed in a kind of misty dreamscape already, and that’s before it decides to dip its toe into more celestial waters.

Primarily, of course, is that it’s a mystery series that kicks off with the return of a young woman who’d been missing for seven years, and when she returns, she’s no longer blind like she was.To reveal any more would be a disservice — the show hinges on very deliberate dissemination of information — but suffice it to say that its plot is labyrinthine, compulsively compelling and often absolutely bonkers.“The OA” is the creation, in more ways than one, of Brit Marling: She plays the lead character, and also wrote the show along with her frequent collaborator Zal Batmanglij.Throughout her career to date — particularly in the projects she’s done with Batmanglij and Mike Cahill, all three of whom are old friends from Georgetown — Marling, 33, has gravitated to a certain type of role: enigmatic, preternaturally wise women who seem not quite of this plane of existence.In the interview, Marling said she won’t be sure what the focus of the movie will be until after a first cut is edited, but that her onscreen love story with Skarsgard will definitely take a significant part. “I don’t think we’ll know until there’s like a first cut of it what we’re actually dealing with, if that makes sense.” “The East” likely won’t end up being a love story with a dash of espionage and thriller tossed in, but the synopsis sounds somewhat similar to “Another Earth.” The love story ends up becoming the focus of that film, and it also centers on an unlikely couple brought together by tragic circumstances.“I think you only know what it is once it’s been edited, because it is a thriller, it is an espionage story, it is a love story, there’s some coming of age in there. So fans will definitely be seeing some romance brewing between Marling and Skarsgard.

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